3-man defense, Neymar, reduced squad: Galtier deciphers PSG’s plans for the future


Christophe Galtier gave his first impressions and explained the projects on which he will work in priority at PSG.

A few minutes after the official departure of Mauricio Pochettino, his successor, Christophe Galtier, was presented to the press.

Before answering questions from journalists, the new PSG coach gave a speech in which he explained his joy and emotion to join the Parisian club.

I am moved, yes. I am proud. I arrived 45 minutes ago at the Parc and it is a symbol. Here we say “this is Paris”. It raises expectations from the specialists and the fans. We will have to work in the right direction to make people happy. I measure my responsibility to make a great season, I prepared myself for it. If I accepted this position, it is because I am capable of it. But alone it is difficult, together we are much stronger. When I discussed with Luis Campos, it didn’t take me long to make my decision. His presence was a determining factor. The exchanges with my president made me accept with a lot of humility but determination this position of coach of PSG. There are expectations, I know, people who are skeptical, I can understand that.

The coach then answered questions from journalists on many topics. Here is what to remember.

On his project with PSG
I will exchange with all the players. The management of a group, with such a workforce, is a privilege. You have to share with them but also impose what the strength of the group must be. We must have a common project, without any compromise. I’m not going to revolutionize the dressing room, I know that I’ll have everyone’s support. As soon as a player is not part of the project, he will be left out.

On the system of play that he intends to put in place
I will have at my disposal very high level players. We will have possession of the ball very often, facing low blocks. We’ll have to keep a balance, it won’t be like my previous experiences because there aren’t the same players.

I want to see intensity, rhythm, quick ball recoveries. I haven’t met the players yet, but I’ve talked to the management about what I want to do. I will have to put the players in the best conditions. There is a lot of talk about a three-man defense. I’m fortunate to have some incredible players on the flanks, but we also need players in the heart of the game. But there is an orientation towards a three-man defense, yes.

On how he works with Luis Campos
With Luis we have worked together for three years. We are in permanent relationship. Luis knows what I expect from my team. Before leaving on the recruitment, we exchanged a lot. Does Luis do the recruitment: yes. We have done many mercatos together but never a player came without my agreement.

If there is someone who knows the players, it is him. In the daily management, I want to see the life of the group, the investment of the players. When there are things that I don’t like, I intervene but I talk about it with him. I never make a decision without having his point of view.

On being born in Marseille
I am the PSG coach. I was born in Marseille, that’s a fact. This job is a passion and you look for the best place to win. And there is no better place than PSG. I put aside my Marseille origins and for many weeks now, my days and nights have been devoted to PSG.

On the situation of Neymar
Neymar is a world-class player, which coach would not want to have him in his squad. We have to find a balance in the team. I have a very clear idea of what I want from him. I haven’t met him yet but I want him to stay with us.

On the fact of training Mbappé
There is Kylian but also all his partners who are world class. As a Frenchman I am very happy that he stays in France: it is good for our championship and PSG. I have not had any exchange with him. I know what Kylian expects from the team. We know what he brings to the team. We must not give him all the weight of the result. All his great individualities are at the service of the collective, PSG will have a great season and will be a great team.

He is a young player on whom I do not want to add pressure. He is a player of a collective that must be very strong.

On the competition between the goalkeepers
I will meet very quickly with the goalkeepers. I have seen the management of last season but I do not have to comment on it. I always appoint a number 1 and a number 2. But the number 2 can become number 1 depending on the performance. It’s easier to know their position in the team.


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