Demoted to National 1, can Bordeaux disappear from the professional world?


Relegated by the DNCG to National 1, Girondins de Bordeaux find themselves in a perilous financial situation that threatens their existence if no solution, validated by the authorities, is found. The Bordeaux club will have to wait until mid-July to find out if it is officially demoted to the third division.

It is a monument of French soccer that is sinking. The Girondins de Bordeaux, already relegated to Ligue 2, learned Tuesday evening that they could finally play in National 1 next season. That is to say in the third division. A decision taken by the DNCG, the National Directorate of Management Control, because of the financial situation of the club, which has also appealed. A decision that aims to try to save the club, both from a sporting and financial point of view. Because with the relegation to National 1, it is the bankruptcy filing that is looming for the Girondins. But in any case, the announcement of the DNCG is a shock for all fans of the club.

The hope of the fans
“I’m tired of watching a team that doesn’t want to win. For sure, it’s a monument, we were addicted to them. But it’s been a long time since we gave up,” confirms Gabriel Laurent, a lifelong supporter, to Europe 1. “It hurts the guts because we still had a good team. We were happy. I used to walk to the stadium to see them. But now, we don’t feel like it anymore, we’re disgusted.”

Faced with what the local newspaper calls “nothingness”, other supporters want to believe instead in a financial solution to limit the damage. Concretely, this means avoiding the National 1. “They will present a file about it. We’ll be in D2, that’s all,” hopes Patrice, a fan. “They’re going to scramble to find 25 million euros, they’ll find a solution!” [According to information from Europe 1’s sports department, some 40 million euros must be found quickly to prevent the six-time French champion from being relegated to the National League and thus be drafted into League 2

Verdict in early July
An important sum to find, especially with transfers. “Fortunately we have some players who are trained at the club like Koundé or Tchouaméni, we will take a small ticket on their transfer. But if we go to the National, it will not be the great FCGB”, worries Benjamin, supporter for 26 years. “I’m also afraid that a lot of jobs will be lost…” Will the future of the Girondins be written in Ligue 2? Verdict in early July.

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