His season at Sassuolo, his view on OM: the confidences of Maxime Lopez


Maxime Lopez confided in La Provence and took the opportunity to assess his season at Sassuolo and that of OM, which he always follows the results.

Since the summer of 2020, Maxime Lopez wears the colors of Sassuolo. The native of Marseille, trained at OM, told our colleagues of La Provence how his second season in Serie A went.

“Individually, I managed my best season, at the same level as my first with OM, in 2016-17. Without being pretentious, I found myself performing well. I answered present in the big matches, which I missed. I may have crossed a threshold. I am 24 years old, it was my sixth season in the pro, I am beginning to be experienced, “said Lopez.

On the other hand, he regrets the 11th place in the final ranking of his team: “On the collective level, I am a little less satisfied. Considering our team, there was much better to do. We lost too many points against lesser teams. At Sassuolo, we’re not here to play in the European Cup every year; the objective is to finish as high as possible. We deserved to finish a little better.”

Pure Minot, Maxime Lopez does not forget the OM of which he remains a fervent supporter. He also enjoyed the great season of the Phocéens: “I watched almost all the matches. […] They had a great season. It’s a pity that there was a period of hesitation when they didn’t qualify against Feyenoord. But the season is more than successful, the 2nd place is deserved. You can say what you want, OM has been 2nd nineteen times. I enjoyed it, it played really well.

Maxime Lopez even believes that he would have a place in Sampaoli’s OM: “I would have loved to play in a team like that, I could have enjoyed myself. I would have blended in well.

Should we see it as a call from the player for a return to OM? Courted by several big Italian teams (AS Roma, Lazio, Fiorentina), the midfielder does not know what his future will be made of: “Is it the right time to leave? I do not know. We’ll see. A lot of clubs are making their interest known. Sassuolo is interested, they like to make a profit. We’ll see what I have. Regarding the clubs you mention, there is nothing serious or concrete. When there is something concrete, I will sit down to think about it.

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