Man United: Ronaldo’s transfer a mistake


Former big name of Liverpool, the sworn enemy of Manchester United, Robbie Fowler did not fail to scratch the recruitment policy of the Red Devils. According to him, the recruitment of Cristiano Ronaldo is not a success.

Robbie Fowler questioned the decision of Manchester United to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. “While the record signing of Darwin Nunez seems a foregone conclusion for Liverpool, what fascinates me is Manchester United’s presence at the negotiations,” Fowler wrote in an op-ed for the Mirror. “I can guarantee you that the people at Anfield would have been uncomfortable with this presence, as it has the potential to drive up not only the price but also the wages. No agent worth his salt would use it to get a bigger contract, let’s be clear.”

Fowler unapologetic about Ronaldo
“But the fact that United are there in the background – for me – highlights why this could so easily be another masterstroke for Liverpool in the transfer market, and that is something that is so often overlooked in the desperation for new faces, new signings, new excitement. I don’t want to be cruel, but United could have written a book on how not to make transfers in recent seasons. Signing players just because you don’t want them to go to a rival? Check and double check. Cristiano did his job well enough, but signing him because he could have gone to City? That was a complete disaster. And the same thing with Alexis Sanchez. No, not the same thing, ten times worse.”

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