Manchester United: Rashford to relaunch with Ten Hag


The young English striker is feeling rejuvenated as he returns to training after a difficult season last year.

Marcus Rashford admits he needed to “turn the page” after struggling at Manchester United last season, but the 24-year-old striker has found his “buzz” again under Erik ten Hag and is looking forward to going there in 2022-23.

A fresh start with ten Hag?
The local Old Trafford star has had a difficult season, scoring just five goals and making 13 Premier League starts.

He was also left out of the England squad as the countdown to the World Cup finals in Qatar began, but a rare summer without competition has left a tested player feeling refreshed and ready to find a spark again.

Rashford is trying to prove his worth to new Red Devils boss Ten Hag during pre-season training and is looking forward to playing an important role in another new era, telling United’s official website, “We’ve got that sense of excitement and buzz back on the training pitch and it’s really positive going into pre-season.

“It’s just a matter of, on the one hand, getting the principles of how Erik wants us to play and the details in place and, on the other hand, enjoying it.

“In the first week of practice, we’ve done both and everyone is looking forward to going on tour and practicing what we’ve been doing in practice in the first few games.

“It’s a fresh start for everyone and for me personally, I had a long break, a good camp before coming back to practice, and we’re off to a good start.

“Like I said, everyone is looking forward to the preseason and trying to put into practice in games what we’ve learned in training so far and what we’ll continue to learn, not only in the preseason but throughout the season.”

Will Rashford return to his best form for Man Utd?
Rashford broke the 20-goal barrier in two successive seasons before suffering a serious slump last season, with the challenge being to get back to those heights after spending a lot of time focusing on off-field issues.

The challenge is to get back to those heights after spending a lot of time focusing on off-field issues.

Rashford added that he’s getting a fresh start: “I had to adjust my schedule a little bit, make it a little bit longer, so I can come in with a positive outlook on everything, and like I said, we’re excited to go [on tour] now. You feel like every day you’re a little bit sharper and a little bit more fit to be ready for the season.

“I don’t think I’ve had a real preseason since 2019, so for me it’s definitely a positive thing. I feel like I probably needed that time to disconnect a little bit and having that time allowed me to refocus a lot sooner than I expected to be honest. The break was only a few days out of four weeks and I always split it in half, so I had two weeks to relax and a little more than two weeks to train, so it was a good time for me.

“Like I said, I feel ready and focused. When the first game comes around, it’s good to know you’ve done almost six weeks of training before. That will definitely be a positive.”

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