Paulo Dybala at OM, he persists and signs


For 24 hours, a rumor has been igniting Marseille, Paulo Dybala could join OM. Even if in Italy, some journalists deny this hypothesis, others continue to believe it very strongly.

Italian journalist for various media, Giacomo Iacobellis has set fire to the side of Marseille fans by claiming on Tuesday night that Paulo Dybala, who has still not found a club after his departure from Juventus, could join OM by the end of the mercato. “Inter has asked Dybala for a few more days. Despite the statements of Marotta, the idea of the Nerazzurri is to sign him after the sale of Skriniar, but La Joya is starting to get tired of it all. And Tudor has entered the dance”, announced the journalist. Despite the doubts about the financial possibility of Olympique de Marseille to carry out such an operation, the sauce took before Fabrizio Romano came to dampen the nascent enthusiasm. “I have many questions from OM fans, but I am told that Paulo Dybala is not an option for Olympique de Marseille in the current state of affairs. No negotiations underway, first explained the Italian mercato specialist, who then responded to some ungentlemanly remarks against him. If you prefer fake news … I just say what I know, I do not like to sell dreams.” However, the story did not end there.

Inter hesitate for Dybala, Marseille on the lookout?

In the wake of this rumor, the Gazzetta dello Sport does not mention the track of Marseille, but confirms that the signing of Paulo Dybala at Inter is no longer acquired, the club vice-champion of Italy having taken “a step back” in this case. And Andrea Piras, Giacomo Iacobellis’ colleague on TMW, confirms that while “Inter is hesitating, Marseille is seriously trying its luck” regarding the 28-year-old Argentine striker. Now free of any contract after seven seasons at Juventus, Paulo Dybala has been announced close to many clubs in Europe, including Paris Saint-Germain, but for the moment things are slow to materialize and inevitably this leaves room for rumors. Knowing that the striker was paid a little more than 13 million euros per season with Juve, it is difficult to see how OM could afford such a player, but in 2022 we should not swear anything. Especially since by going to get

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