PSG’s tactics for firing Neymar


PSG no longer makes Neymar a key player in their squad. Attracting another star in attack would push the Brazilian towards the exit.

For my part, I want to stay at PSG. No one has told me anything, but from my side I want to stay”. This is how Neymar answered for the last time to the rumors that the Emir of Qatar had lost confidence in him, and was trying to push him out of PSG. Aware of having a long-term contract in the French capital, the Brazilian feels good in Paris, and does not consider going elsewhere. He would have to make huge concessions to do so, because his current contract totally prevents him from being available for another club. Indeed, the “Ney” is no longer worth 200 million euros or a salary beyond the 4 million euros per month he receives at Paris SG. What to rule out even Newcastle or Chelsea, who dream of a headliner at a reduced price.

But Neymar does not intend to leave, and while he dreamed of leaving in 2019, he now intends to continue wearing the shirt of PSG. To make him leave, the solutions are not very numerous, but Nasser Al-Khelaïfi still has a possibility to make him understand the message. Indeed, if the French champion buys a star in attack that is impossible to put on the bench, then someone will certainly have to jump between Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. And the Brazilian would be the one to do so.

Lewandowski to solve the Neymar problem
According to The Sun, this is why PSG has entered, a little late, in the Robert Lewandowski file. The idea is to make Neymar understand that his playing time will be greatly reduced if Paris manages to bring in a striker of international level. And the former Santos prodigy is not the type to accept to sit on the bench, especially in big games. The English newspaper says in any case that the future of Neymar in Paris could be questioned with such an arrival. And if at the same time, Paris SG makes concessions to give up its number 10 at a reduced price, then the different pieces of the puzzle would fall into place for a transfer of Neymar.

An operation far from being won, but which shows that PSG does not necessarily look to the future with Neymar as a playmaker. The proof, if Zinedine Zidane came to sign in Paris, then Ludovic Giuly believes that the Brazilian would take a nice slap. “Neymar ok he is overweight. He’s going to arrive with a new coach like Zidane, I tell you he’s going to fall in line right away. And there will be rules. If he doesn’t want to run, he (Zidane) will put him on the bench. You don’t want to play, you go to the bench and that’s that,” explained on RMC the former Barcelona, for whom Neymar will damn well have to roll up his sleeves in Paris.


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